A Properly Fitted Tennis Elbow Brace Can Ease and Treat the Pain From this Condition

The repeated stress of the tendons in the elbow and forearm can cause them to get inflamed or degrade. When this soreness or pain happens on the outer part of the elbow, it is called a tennis elbow. A golf elbow causes similar discomfort on the inner side of the elbow. The pain can spread down the arm towards the wrist. Neglecting this pain can result in your being unable to use the arm even for such simple things as opening a door, or turning a key.

Both these conditions are caused by overuse of the elbow when you twist your arm repeatedly, as is common in tennis and golf. You can also get these conditions from other activities like using a screwdriver, painting, or gardening, and is a result often of using equipment of the wrong size or using it in a way that it is not right. This condition occurs with anyone who has overused the arms, though people over 40 are more prone to it.

You can get relief from the tennis elbow through the use of a tennis elbow brace. A visit to a doctor will have you answering questions about your daily activities and any past injuries. X-rays and MRI scans will be recommended only if your tennis elbow does not respond to treatment and the use of a brace. Braces work by applying pressure to the muscles that are below the elbow, and wearing a brace allows a person to freely move their arms and elbows.

A tennis elbow brace can be of many types, and you should wear the one that you are comfortable with and find easy to use. An elbow sleeve provides compression, warmth, and support to the elbow. It will have a strap that allows you to strap it to the forearm so that it remains in place. The warmth that it provides can help in the healing process. The entire joint is supported. Elbow braces can also be in the form of elbow straps that need to be wrapped around the forearm just below the elbow. This compresses the forearm and absorbs any forces that can cause the tissues on the outside of the elbow to be stressed. An epicondylitis clasp is another form of an elbow brace, where a plastic clasp is fitted over the forearm and has a pressure point that is just a few centimeters below the pain point.

Over-the-counter medications and the use of ice packs can also help to deal with the pain of a tennis elbow.